Web Development Portfolio


Here is a small portion of what I’ve done…

South Padre Island (SOPadre.com)

  • Created and Reverse Engineered New User Login/Registration System
  • Assisted in re-coding most of the site from the CakePHP framework to custom code.
  • Coded the MyPadre Brochure Generation and Trip Planner with PDF Printing

H2Orange (H2Orange.com)

  • Created a system that allowed H2Orange to collect zip codes from new visitors to their website when their campaign launched.
  • Created an easy to use page that displayed the various zip code statistics to help H2Orange analyse the efficiency of their marketing.

Valley International Airport – VIA (Flythevalley.com)

  • Created a web page to allow Valley International Airport to manage their executive bios. 

Jon Hart Design (Jonhartdesign.com)

  • Created a product management system to allow Jon Hart Designs to provide specific marketing materials to their customers.
  • Integrated Paypal to allow Jon Hart Design to accept PayPal payments 



  • Created a security vulnerability tracking system, to better allow HostGator to track and resolve security vulnerabilities. 

Fireworks4All (Fireworks4all.com)

  • Created and integrated a POS (Point of Sale) system for their wholesale and retail operations
  • Performed SEO Services and Optimization’s, as well as integrating more features into their checkout process. 

Custom Hosting Solutions (CustomHostingSolutions.com)

  • Using the CakePHP framework, the entire site was written and built by me. Including Code and Content

iDeparted (iDeparted.com – Currently Inactive)

  •  Developed the entire backend, which allowed users to securely store their credentials to various internet accounts in case of their passing.
  • Designed and setup the server infrastructure.
  • Completely Custom Code. No frameworks were used to create the project.