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Inspiration from a RackSpace Systems Administrator


I find myself often becoming inspired, or put into a deeper mode of thinking whenever I read blog posts from co-workers. Whether they are directly working with me or not, they always just flow so well. It’s rather inspirational, and therefore I thought I would write up a blog post about a blog post and give my thoughts on it. ( Hah 🙂 )


Major Hayden (RackerHacker), is an experienced systems administrator for Slicehost (Sort of like, a division of the RackSpace Cloud) and he is basically my definition of a Linux Guru (If you asked me to find one you can depend on, it would be him.) I read his blog and sometimes even refer customers to various blog posts. This guy not only knows a lot, he shares what he knows. That says a lot about him I think.

As someone working at RackSpace, I have career goals of my own. These include becoming an Linux Systems Administrator, getting my RHCE, and just learning new things that can better my abilities and help RackSpace as a company become more successful.

I’m excited for 2010 because I believe this is the year that it will happen, I will hit more goals and for some reason just reading RackerHackers post (Above) has reminded me of my goals and has inspired me even further to push for what I want.

My views on the post in general? Click it, I posted a comment. (:

Looking forward to 2010, with you world.