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Life Update

Me (Left) and Quentin (Right)

Well guys, I am 18 now. So what does this mean? This means responsibility…wait I’ve been paying my own way around anyways…I guess this means I can finally do it under my own name. Anyways, tomorrow is the big RackSpace Linux Systems Administrator interview! Wish me luck guys.

For my birthday I went to six flags.

P.S. San Antonio is HOT.

Life Update

Prom was on May 16th and it was simply amazing. I have the most amazing girl in my life.

I am graduating on June 5th, assuming I pass a German II test on June 2nd (Lets face it, I will).

It’s really really hot out. Happy Memorial Day!

I saw Star Trek (Twice), what a great movie. Syler (Heroe’s Fans!) was great. Main character was great. The whole movie was awesome. I am not a “Trekkie”, but I wholeheartedly enjoyed it.

I’ve discovered I want a Nintendo DS, but only for pokemon. So if somebody loves me hook me up (haha).

Let this week begin.