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Howl-O-Scream, An Amazing Job, and Life

I won 4 VIP Passes to Seaworld San Antonio!
I won 4 VIP Passes to Seaworld San Antonio!

That’s right! I won a twitter contest, to get 4 VIP passes to Sea World San Antonio (Some Details) (Thanks @jackreturns !) and I could not be more excited! I am supposed to be working second shift (12-9 PM) that day at work, but hopefully my boss let’s me work morning shift that day and leave a little early (skip lunch and whatnot!)

The great place I work at!
The great place I work at!

Speaking of work, I’m sure everyone is wondering just how new job @ the RackSpace Cloud is going! Well I have to say I think I am in a dream world, because it is everything I thought it would be (and more), and it’s just simply amazing. Everybody I work with is awesome, and they have a lot to offer as far as me learning things from them. I got my desk this Monday, which was nice to get set up in. Quentin says I have too many monitors setup. [PIC] What do you all think? =P. A lot of people ask “What is your work place like? Do you have a cubicle? Are the people friendly?” I have decided that this is the best option: View the video on this page

I am currently trying to figure out what I am going to do, as far as a living situation. I may room with another Racker, or have to get my own APPT (Which at this point, seems unlikely…because it’s a huge expense and I really just need a place to sleep, at least for now), or stay with Quentin for a little while longer. All of this depends, of course, on if I can get my license/a car soon. I am going to the DPS (Department of Public Safety) tomorrow to try and do that.

Wish me luck internet, and I’ll attempt to keep this blog more updated!

(By the way, nobody noticed because I made the transition so smooth, and probably no one reads my blog anyways, but my blog is now hosted on Cloud Sites, which is where it’ll stay. No more hosting it on my own private servers. It makes more sense to put it on Cloud Sites. For more information on cloud sites check out

RackSpace, Quentin, San Antonio, and Cell Phones

So guys, it looks like the day is coming. I will be in San Antonio on August 4th. As far as the RackSpace interview is going, it went well. They want to meet me which is part of the reason I am going to San Antonio so soon, as I really want this job and am willing to do whatever I can to get it. I am excited to see Quentin (My best friend) again xD.
In other news, I got a Palm Pre from Sprint. I love this phone and I would definitely recommend it if your trying to choose either iPhone or something else. The keyboard is nice, voice quality is amazing, and I have already sent almost 300 texts in 4 days. Haha…

I will update the blog when I get to Texas.

San Antonio with Quentin Casellas

Hello world, but more specifically hello San Antonio. Here is an update for those who do not know (For one reason or another) that I will be moving to San Antonio, Texas very soon. I have about 3 weeks left in Germany before I try and take a Space Available (Free!) flight to Baltimore, MD and then fly up to Massachusets to visit my family, and then a week later go visit my mom in Maine where I get to meet my baby sister for the first time in my life. Then I am turning 18 on August 10th, but I plan on being in San Antonio by August 3rd if all goes right. At this point we are waiting on Quentin’s mom to get back from Iraq and get all her details. But it is 100% that I will be living in San Antonio with Quentin. So Germany, lets make these 3 weeks fun.