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Broken Phones and New Journeys

My Cracked Palm Pre Screen
My Cracked Palm Pre Screen

Yes internet, you are correct. I did crack the screen on my Palm Pre. I did not just drop it though, I went out “Kyle Style.” If Kyle was going to break his phone how would he do it? Why of course by doing a hand stand and having it fall out of his pocket. Well that was a nice $120 handstand (Thank you phone insurance for saving me $450.)

In other news, my first day of work is on Monday (Sept. 14th!) I’m very excited about it, but you all knew that (You did read my blog before this post right?) So wish me luck.

That’s the quick-e of my life for now.

RackSpace, Quentin, San Antonio, and Cell Phones

So guys, it looks like the day is coming. I will be in San Antonio on August 4th. As far as the RackSpace interview is going, it went well. They want to meet me which is part of the reason I am going to San Antonio so soon, as I really want this job and am willing to do whatever I can to get it. I am excited to see Quentin (My best friend) again xD.
In other news, I got a Palm Pre from Sprint. I love this phone and I would definitely recommend it if your trying to choose either iPhone or something else. The keyboard is nice, voice quality is amazing, and I have already sent almost 300 texts in 4 days. Haha…

I will update the blog when I get to Texas.