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San Antonio with Quentin Casellas

Hello world, but more specifically hello San Antonio. Here is an update for those who do not know (For one reason or another) that I will be moving to San Antonio, Texas very soon. I have about 3 weeks left in Germany before I try and take a Space Available (Free!) flight to Baltimore, MD and then fly up to Massachusets to visit my family, and then a week later go visit my mom in Maine where I get to meet my baby sister for the first time in my life. Then I am turning 18 on August 10th, but I plan on being in San Antonio by August 3rd if all goes right. At this point we are waiting on Quentin’s mom to get back from Iraq and get all her details. But it is 100% that I will be living in San Antonio with Quentin. So Germany, lets make these 3 weeks fun.