HTC Evo 4G Alarm Does Not Work – The Solution

Hello Internet,
Lately I’ve been enjoying my new Sprint HTC Evo 4G a lot. However, one problem I, and a couple others have run into, is that our alarms would not go off! After doing some research and testing, I realized that every night I, and most people, use our Task Killers to kill all tasks on our phones. This, unfortunately, also kills the alarm program.

The solution is easy, open up your favorite task killer program, and add the clock application to the “Ignore” or “Exempt” list, and the issue should clear right up.

Until next time!


Custom Hosting Solutions

Custom Hosting Solutions
Custom Hosting Solutions

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Evo 4G

So, I got an HTC EVO 4G, and its awesome. The battery life wants to be better, but it is a huge and powerful phone so I guess it compensates. I can really do a lot from my phone now a days. I’m writing this post on my phone. I can listen to music, stream it, call people, text I’m, anything I want.

I love this phone

The Business Card

DigitalFlyDesigns - Kyle Gato's Business Card
DigitalFlyDesigns - Kyle Gato's Business Card

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