The Circus, Site Changes, Life

The Circus
The Circus

Yesterday, Quentin and I went to the circus (with his mother and sister of course). It was okay, however seeing the elephants being poked and prodded (especially after googling circus elephant abuse) was kind of hard. Nothing overly special.

I don’t know how many of you actually follow me blog, but I have been moving it around and tweaking it a bit, as well as securing it. I felt that, after all the security flaws that WordPress has had, and the servers that have been hacked, that hardening my servers a bit would be smart. So, as a result the site is now hosted on my Chicago server, until I get a better/bigger Slice.

In Life news, my first day at RackSpace is tomorrow. However, the first day of work is at the headquarters (Datapoint), not where I will actually be working (Downtown). This means I am equally excited for both Monday and Tuesday.

Thanks for listening, see you again soon!