RackSpace Cloud Interview – Fanatical? Absolutely.

Where to begin with this one? This was an amazing interview. My interview was about 2 hours long (Previous interview was about half an hour), at the downtown RackSpace Cloud (aka Mosso) office. All my expectations were exceeded by the people I met and talked to. The building is intimidatingly large, and the Rackers are…amazing to say the least.

Rather than the two-on-one I experienced at my Datapoint interview, this interview consisted of many people. I actually got to meet the team who I would be working with. My “boss” was really really nice, and was very easy to talk to. He was interesting and asked good questions. The interview room had windows, so it was not as intimidating as the previous interview (Which took place in a white room with 3 chairs and no windows.)
I got to meet Jason Bartels (@jbartels) whom I had only previously talked to online. That was a cool experience, meeting someone who I met on the internet. Everybody left an impression on me, whether I remember their names or not (Vet. Marine, Engineers, Directors, “Frodo, etc.) In what company does someone come into your interview and introduce themselves as AKA Frodo? Rackspace of course, cool stuff. Just like I described in my previous post, Rackers are very down-to-earth people who love what they do, and do it passionately and I definitely saw more of that at this interview. Work hard and play hard are definitely part of their everyday regimen.
I want to thank each and every Racker I talked to today, for taking the time to come talk to me, I know you all are busy providing some of the fanatical support your so famous for, so it means a lot to me when you are able to take time to talk to me. Regardless if I get the position or not, thanks for taking the time to consider me. It was definitely an experience meeting and talking to everyone today.
As I was told repeatedly, things are run differently at the cloud than at “RackSpace Main.” I won’t go into details but I really feel the Cloud is an even better place for me to grow both personally and professionally. It just sounds perfect.
The Upside(s):
  1. I get to help people, and get paid to do it. =o
  2. The people are amazing, and great to get along with.
  3. It’s in a great location downtown.
  4. My “boss”(s) are all nice, and honestly are the kind everyone hopes to get.
  5. I get the chance to grow professionally, and personally. Being near the best of the best of the hosting industry.
  6. I get to be part of something that’s rapidly growing, and I can grow with it.
  7. Many many more.
The Downsides:
  1. Sorry, there are none.
I hope to be a Racker soon. Thanks for reading and once again:
Thank you to all the Rackers I met/talked to today, and those who have been supporting me since my first interview. Ya’ll rock.