RackSpace, Quentin, San Antonio, and Cell Phones

So guys, it looks like the day is coming. I will be in San Antonio on August 4th. As far as the RackSpace interview is going, it went well. They want to meet me which is part of the reason I am going to San Antonio so soon, as I really want this job and am willing to do whatever I can to get it. I am excited to see Quentin (My best friend) again xD.
In other news, I got a Palm Pre from Sprint. I love this phone and I would definitely recommend it if your trying to choose either iPhone or something else. The keyboard is nice, voice quality is amazing, and I have already sent almost 300 texts in 4 days. Haha…

I will update the blog when I get to Texas.

RackSpace Linux Systems Admin

I got this email yesterday from Rackspace Hosting:

Hi Kyle,

My name is and I am a Recruiter for Rackspace Hosting. We received your resume for the Linux System Administrator position and I would like to discuss this opportunity further with you. Please indicate a good time for us to talk for about 20-30 minutes.


So I am going to give the recruiter a call today, I am extremely nervous, but I shouldn’t be. After all, I was a *nix systems administrator for 4 years.

Wish me luck.

[UPDATE: The phone interview went very well, I have another interview this coming Tuesday. Wish me luck]